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The Environment Friendly Home-built Wind Turbine

The Global warming is becoming worse and worse everyday and we all have the responsibility to prevent it from getting worst! Many scientists have undergoing numerous types of research to experiment and invent the best eco-green energy generating methods.

According to the survey, the wind energy is one of the most eco-friendly and clean energy after the solar energy. The only major drawback of this wind energy is it doesn’t generate any electricity, if the wind stopped blowing to the wind turbine!

Well, you must think that you’ll need many components for building this wind turbine. Nah, you can start the project with a generator, three blades, a mounting, a tower, some batteries and an electronic control system.

If you’re not familiar with the generator, then you should use the ready made surplus permanent magnet DC motors as generator than build your own generators! Or, if you have a better choice with generator, then you can go for it. Remember, a great generator is supposed to have high DC voltage, low rpms and high current! Let’s take an example, a motor rated for 360 rpm at 30 volts will produce at least 12+V compare with the motor rated at 7200rpm at 24 volts.


  1. Hello,
    You can build a much nicer looking wind generator at the following website, easy to follow wind generator plans

    All the best,
    Les and Jane

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  3. Wind generator plans

    home-wind-generator-plans.com compares different plans, some have videos as well

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  5. We should provide a guide of small wind turbines. This will help more people to use small wind turbines.

  6. R.Wade Johnson Jr

    Hello Les,And Jane. I am a 39yr old white male from middle Georgia. I am married to my wife Ginger of 20yrs. Ginger and I have been a couple since 1987,and have like most couples endured some really wonderful times,As well as some very very rough ones as well. We are now going through one of those rough times as I have been laid off and she is in failing health and has been on 100% disability for two yrs now,So her SS Disability checks are what we are living on and it is some what bad. We still have one of our kids at home our 13yr old son we have an 18yr old daughter who is and has bee rebelious most all her life ,and never did listen to a word we said,so needless to say were shit in her book,But my reason for contacting you has nothing to do with any of that,However what it does have to do with is the fact that we have been dealing with an ever increasing electric bill. It fluctuates from $250.00 to $400.00 each month,And it is killing us. I am a jack of all trades,and have worked in just about every field that we have to choose from. I am very good with my hands, and I am not afraid to get dirty. I started looking into non conventional ways of saving money and stumbled across the residential wind turbine. I found out about them several months ago and thought about getting into getting one for our home until I found out how much they cost,and the red tape involved,So I just kinda dropped it until I ran across your web site,or one of your sites.I have tried contacting everyone from the Dept of treasury to the US DEPT of Energy.(LIZANA PIERCE), And as of yet I have not gotten any replys But like any other thing with OUR Fed.Government if it don’t benefit them directly.They are not interested.I have heard about all those Billions of dollars in Grant money that is (SUPPOSED) to be out there for folks like myself and my family,and even you.But I have yet found where it is Nor how to get to it, So That my friend brings me back to you. I am as serious about building this wind turbine as I am about the war on terror, Accept my WAR is on,or with the power company. Our power bill is 60% of our monthly bills. If I could eleminate just 50% of this bill it would help us greatly.But being the man I am Iwant to hit EM where it hurts I want to get completly off their grids,And start helping others to do the same. I would like to see wind turbines in every yard,and solar panels on every roof.Thats what I want,So can you maybe send me any and all the information you can on what I need to do and to acquire to build a mid to upper grade turbine. I would be sinceraly greatful to you for any help you could send to me. I don’t have much money but I have good go out and collect things strategies and don’t mind using them to acquire what I might need to build this turbine. I am even saving up to install one of the GREY BOXES. to help with regulating the energy that goes into my meter. I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.Since you aren’t the Dept of Energy I figure you will get back in touch. Thanks Wade Johnson Eastman Georgia.

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