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The Easiest Way on How to Trigger Green Traffic Lights!

Sometime, it’s a fun experience riding the motorcycle or a scooter and hovering through the neighborhood or downtown! You’re not only can feel the fresh air, but it can also help you to save much money too, as you can slip through the road easily, while the other vehicle drivers have to waste they time stuck in the middle of traffic jam!

inductive-loopHowever, there’s still a downside for the motorcycle/scooter drivers! Every time, when you’re arriving at a traffic light, you might get stuck in front of it. You’re wondering, “Is there any trick to overcome this problem?” Yep, it did. For your information, this method can help you save time, gas and frustration.

Have a closer look on the above figure. This is called “Inductive loop” and it’s a traffic detector. In order to make the red light turns into green light faster, you have to ensure that your motorcycle/scooter is in the rectangle box. The only problem is your motorcycle/scooter size is not big enough and it cannot trigger the traffic light to turn into green immediately!

Well , here’s the small trick. All you need to do here is to attach a neodymium magnet to the bottom of your motorcycle/scooter with epoxy paste or screw (I personally recommended you to use the screws).

Yep, you’re done with it! Go and have a ride with your motorcycle/scooter. This time, you won’t have to encounter with any red traffic light anymore. By the way, would you mind to give me a ride? Lol [source]

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