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The Dream Table for All Electronic Gadgets Lovers!

Some people have very unique hobby, where they love to have something that is different from anyone else.

Well, no matter what type of person you’re, this dream table is going to capture your heart!


Have a nice look on the above figure. This dream table is a superior and elegant interactive table, where is super sensitive to electricity activity. Don’t judge based on its appearance, as it might look very common and ordinary, but when the lights off, it turns into an amazing electricity table that lights up based on electromagnetic fields.

For building this dream table, you might need to prepare the following components:

  • 15 circuit boards

  • 15 LM324 quad op amp

  • 15 14-pin sockets

  • 60 white LEDs

  • 60 induction coils

  • 60 10 resistors

  • 60 10M resistors

  • 60 1K resistors

  • 30 100K resistors

  • 15 10uF capacitors

  • 60 0.1uF capacitors

Honestly, this project will cost maybe several days or weeks, as you’re requiring to put and assembling all the components together! So, patient is very important, as without it, you won’t have the chance to get this gorgeous dream table (Unless, you’ve decided to buy it).

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