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The Combination of Nanoelectronic Transistor with Biological Machine – The New Breakthrough to Better Eletronics!

Firstly, who will ever think that it’s possible to combine nanoelectronic transistor with biological machine, as they are completely two different things at all!

However, the research team from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has announced that they’ve found a versatile hybrid platform, which is using lipid-coated nanowires to build prototype bionanoelectronic devices!

Nanobioelectronic device

Aleksandr Noy, the lead scientist of the research team said, the biological components in electronic circuits could be used to enhance biosensing, diagnostic tools, advance neural prosthetics or increase the efficiency of future computers, by boosting up the operating system!

Nowadays, there are many modern communication devices mainly rely on electric fields and currents to carry the flow of information. In this case, the biological systems can do much better and complex than it!

Technically, the biological systems use an arsenal (Not that Arsenal football team) of membrane receptors, channels and pumps to control signal transduction. For instance, the conversion of sound waves into nerve impulses is a highly complicated process; however, our ear can easily perform it without any mistake at all!

Mr. Noy mentioned that the final goal of the research is to discover the effective ways to integrate biological systems with microelectronic, and turns the impossible mission into a reality in the near future! [sciencedaily]

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