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The Brilliant Green Concept – The SmartSwitch

Thanks to the rapid growing of fossil fuels industry, our mother Earth has been badly polluted day after day. In order to stop the global warming problem from becoming worse, many activities and inventions have been carried out since few decades ago…

Today, Peter Russo and Brendan Wypich, the smart duo researches from University of Stanford, United States has been introduced a smart green device. They named it “SmartSwitch”.

According to Russo and Wypich, SmartSwitch has well-embedded with several intelligence ideals. Thus, it is different from the ordinary household light switch.


For your information, SmartSwitch is designed to be easily integrated into the home. It can fits into any standard electrical boxes and data communication occurs through the electric lines.

The best part about the SmartSwitch is it provides the user with instant feedback about the amount of energy being consumed throughout the month.

Furthermore, SmartSwitch also can help the user to change their bad habit away. Let’s take an example, every time when a switch is flipped, an opportunity to change individual behavior is created. Over the time, these changes in behavior are added up across a community, where is can slowly changing the community’s mind about the energy conservation purpose.

PS: By the way, don’t forget to switch off your light for an hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 on 28th March, 2009…!

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