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Household Robots – They Are Not Responsible to Protect The Users’ Security and Privacy!

Nowadays, people are mostly depend on the household appliances, especially the household robots to perform the daily tasks, such as communication, entertainment and so on. However, they’re mostly ignored their own security and privacy, by key-in the confidential information into the household robots without further supervision. Believe it or not, some people or strangers would take the chance to stole our important personal details, by simply wireless remote the household robots from a distance! Tadayoshi Kohno, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at University of Washington said that a lot of attention has been paid to robots becoming more intelligent. Sometimes, it leads the household robots turning into the evil! He mentioned that some bad people might use the household robots to do bad things. Furthermore, he also identified the scenarios that a robot might physically harm its owner, when the hackers are controlling them. He believed that the risks of being attacked by household robots is definitely a few times higher than nowadays, especially when the robots become more widespread in the near future! It’s the right time to start addressing household robots’ security and privacy, before it turns into a chaos to human race. [sciencedaily]

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Welcome to the World of New Plastic Semiconductor!

In general, we knew that plastic is non-conductor of electricity. That’s why, most of the plastic is being used in many industries, due to its characteristic. However, it’s going to be changed here, as a group of researchers from the University of Washington have invented the new plastic semiconductors. You’re wondering, “Plastic semiconductors? Are you kidding me?” Nope, it was a joke, as it’s really the semiconductors, which are being made from plastic that conducts electricity! The new plastic semiconductors are cheaper, thinner and more flexible than the ordinary electronics. Believe it or not, this new technology has been applied in some gadgets. According to the news from Microsoft, the new Sony Walkman and the Microsoft Zune HD music player are going to incorporate with the new plastic semiconductors! The research team described that they’ve successfully made charges flow in both positive and negative ways. Samson Jenekhe, a professor of chemical engineering in University of Washington pointed out that by using the plastic semiconductors, it can transmit both positive and negative charges simultaneously. Honestly, the discovery had overcome the major drawback of the existing organic semiconductors, which is only transmitting in positive charges. The research team is using the new…

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