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The Brand New Test on Tri-Fire X3 by Taser Team!

It’s a fascinating moment, when we’re watching the action movies, such as G.I.Joe, Lethal Weapons series and so on. Go figure, the criminal scene is always full with thrilling action, where the guns and explosive materials are all over the places! Gosh, no wonder many people preferred action movies, especially those people who already bored with their daily living life. In this case, Taser, the unbelievable expert team in the fire weapon field, has been developed a magnificent flames for their newest weapon, The Tri-Fire X3! Spare a minute and watch the above video clip closely. You’ll discover that inside the video clip, three unlucky Taser staffs have been volunteered themselves (wander why only woman 😀 ) as the “Guinea Pigs” for the project! If you’ve watching the video clip carefully, you’ll see a scene, where the gun fires off three rounds in quick succession. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any reloading during the middle of firing action. The Taser team has confirmed that the X3 fires equal or less voltage than their current model, X26, where can unload 50,000 volts at once. In addition, the Taser team described the actual shock delivered to the body is between 400 – 1,200…

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