Rthyn L6 smartwatch could be your next phone

Usually smart watches are used in tandem with smartphones. The watch is paired with smartphone using bluetooth connection sou you could see all phone activity on your wrist. Probably this is why in many cases smart watch is considered to be unnecessary gadget. You have to have to carry both devices instead of one. If you have phone, why would you want to duplicate functionality on your watch. We all know that smartphone is more convenient in many ways starting with screen size, processing power and habit of using it as a phone. But with smartphone there is always one more action to take before using it. It is always somewhere in the pocket, purse or on the table. You need to pull it out before using while smart-watch phone can be always on your wrist. If you like this way of thinking then you should consider purchasing a smart watch phone instead of smartphone. Of course there is always an option to have them both and get most of it.

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