SIGGRAPH – The Interactive 360 Degree Light Field Display

SIGGRAPH is a marvelous creation, thanks to the genius team from University of Southern California. Although the cost for this project is low, but SIGGRAPH can offers several advantages of displaying 3D objects in 3D. The characteristic for this display is: Autostereoscopic: no need any kinds of viewing glasses Omnidirectional: constantly generates simultaneous views Interactive: can easily update the content at 200Hz According to the spokesperson, this SIGGRPAH works by simply projecting a high-speed video onto a fast speed spinning mirror. While the mirror turning, it will reflects different and high accuracy image to every viewer. With the help of rendering algorithm, it also can rebuild both virtual and real scene, either with correct occlusion, horizontal, vertical perspective and even shading as well! We have to know that the flat surfaces represent only a small part of the real physical world, while we all standing still in a three-dimensional award platform. The team next big project is to create a new generation of display, which will begin to represent the physical world. We are waiting for this day to come. [source]

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