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SkinSeg – segmentation of melanoma

SkinSeg is a simple tool used for skin lesion segmentation. This program was developed by Intelligent Systems laboratory students: L. Xu, M. Jackowski, A. Goshtasby, C. Yu, D. Roseman, S. Bines, A. Dhawan, A. Huntley. Their method is working similarly as in my earlier experiment with the MATLAB pigmented lesion boundary tracing algorithm. The first image is converted to intensity image, and then the lesion edges are detected. ant test results: The more informative description you can find here The program can be downloaded from here: https://www.cs.wright.edu/people/faculty/agoshtas/skinseg.zip  This version of the Skin Cancer Segmentation program (skinseg) runs on the Windows 95/NT platforms. Make sure all files reside in the same directory after extraction. No setup program is required to install skinseg on your machine. To run, execute the program skinseg.exe.

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