Embedded Electronics in Prosthetic Limbs

Advancement in embedded electronics has transformed the way people work, communicate and unwind. It has paved the way for the integration of home and office device networking so people can share, transfer and save data and information in rates that are faster than ever. It has also promoted safety, comfort and efficiency in aviation as well as in land and sea navigation. Embedded electronics, however, can also improve lifestyle and over-all well-being by providing new and better equipment to help people, especially those who are physically challenged. The DARPA Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program Revolutionizing Prosthetics Program is an ambitious effort of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (or DARPA). The main goal of the program is to help rehabilitate members of the armed forces who have been injured in the line of duty. It is a costly project that intends to develop an integrated, life-like prosthetic limb that can be controlled using residual nerves, provide feedback and provide more features that the current prosthetic limbs do not offer.

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