The Era of Space-Based Solar Power is soon arriving!

In this 21st century, where the development of technology is skyrocketing every day, there’s no doubt that there will be even more high-tech inventions being created in the upcoming years… According to the Peter Sage, the entrepreneur of Space Energy Incorporated has been mentioned that the Space-based solar power (SBSP) is going to be a reality in the near future. With this Space-based solar power, it enables the solar panels to be floated in the middle of space and harnessing energy from the sun. This means that the solar panels can absorb the solar power 24 hours a day, regardless of the day and night! Sage elaborated that the basic concept of Space-based solar power is having solar cells in space collecting energy from sun, and then it converts the energy into a low intensity microwave beam. It will be sent down to Earth, collected on a rectenna and fed into the power grid to provide unlimited electricity. Do you know that there’s almost 200 million gigawatts of solar energy is beamed towards the Earth every second and if we can find the effective way to harness the energy, then the shortage of electricity will soon be overcome!

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