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The Spectacular SunCat Rechargeable Batteries with Solar Cells!

You’re very concern about the global warming matter? You want to do something to reduce the side effects of the global warming, but you didn’t know where you should start with? Well, in this case, you might want to have your starting point in the recycle with these SunCat rechargeable batteries! You must be wondered, “What’s the specialty of this batteries and why I should have it?” Honestly, the specialty about the batteries is you can do it with your bare hand (prototype). If you think that those rechargeable batteries are a little bit fuzzy and inconvenience, then you can make your very own “SunCat rechargeable batteries” with integrated solar cells surrounding all over the batteries. It’s very simple to create the “SunCat rechargeable batteries” . Firstly, you have to prepare two or more older NiMH rechargeable batteries. Next, you must glue the flexible Photo Voltaic (PV) cells onto the batteries. For your information, the PV cells are mostly rated at 1.8 V and it can match pretty well with the 1.5 V batteries! Lastly, put all the “SunCat rechargeable batteries” under the sunshine as long as you want it to be. Voila, you now have the SunCat rechargeable batteries…

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