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Oyster Wave Power Device – The Proud Product from Aquamarine Power

Aquamarine Power, as one of the world leading wave energy technology developers, they’re well known as the best marine energy sites in the UK, Ireland, Europe and worldwide. Allan Thomson and Professor Trevor Whittaker were the two founders of Aquamarine Power in 2005. Recently, the incredible team was overjoyed, when they’ve won the coveted ‘Innovator Award 2009’ for its market leading Oyster wave energy converter at this year’s British Renewable Energy Awards! During the competition, Aquamarine Power was competed against seven other nominees to win the award. Technically, it’s a very tough competition, as it concentrates in the following fields: Innovative features of concept and design, Achievement in meeting original objectives, Proven success of the device, The demonstration of exceptional effort through continuous development and testing. The Oyster wave energy converter is a very high-tech device. It represents the combination of wisdom and environmentally friendly features altogether. By using the Oyster wave energy converter, it’s possible for the human being to harness the sea’s powerful energy in the most efficient yet effective way! For your information, the Oyster wave energy converter has been well-designed to capture the energy found in amplified surge forces in near-shore waves. Each passing wave activates…

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