How I migrated Drupal website to WordPress. Part 1

Moving the Drupal website to WordPress is a hot topic online. There are lots of requests and interest in easy transition methods, but the reality is somewhat different. In fact, you get stuck with your own problems unless you are willing to pay for third party help. If you have a corporate website and want a smooth transition without getting hands dirty by figuring out all the nifty details, then the paid option is the way to go. If you need to transition a hobby website then there is a dilemma how to proceed. And you may even think about staying with Drupal before making a move. The motivation First of all, you may ask why to move from Drupal to another content management system (CMS). In fact, Drupal CMS is a great platform where you can set up almost everything you need. It already comes with lots of flexibility and options that you can use right away. This website was created by me more than 11 years ago. The initial system was Drupal 5.x which seemed pretty attractive and WordPress looked pretty modest in the time. I loved the flexibility which allowed to build most of the required thingsā€¦

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