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Microfluidic Fuel Cells – The New Power Source for Portable Electronic Devices

Our world is now fulfilling with many portable electric devices. Well, believe it or not, some of the people are too dependable on portable electric devices, such as laptop, MP3 player, iPod and much more that they cannot live their life without them! In this case, Daniel Spencer, the graduated student from University of Southampton on July 17, has just discovered that the microfluidic fuel cells might be able to provide the essential energy to supply continuous power to portable electric devices! Mr. Spencer described that microfluidic cells are known as the best solution to overcome the higher capacity energy storage problem. It can be done by utilizing the chemical bond energy, which is being stored in fuels with high calorific values. It’s possible for the fuel cells to convert chemical energy from a fuel into electric energy. A polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell, one of the simplest devices, uses the electrochemical reaction of a fuel and oxidant to generate an electric current continuously! However, Mr. Spencer said more research is needed for integration of fuel cells into a complete system. He decides to further his PhD and uses the Microfluidic subject as the main topic for his final…

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