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How does bacteria-filled fuel cell work?

Everyone knows bacteria as a disease causing agent. But the researchers of bio Design University have proved that bacteria, the tiny micro organism is viable for generating electricity. Recent study on journal of bioengineering and biotechnology showed that bacteria filled fuel cells work. Critical insight of this microbial organism leads to commercialization. The remains of animals or any organism which are considered as waste are capable of generating electricity. In fact at current scenario everybody meets the shortage of electricity due to development in industry and technology that makes use of electricity. Microbial cells working: Marcus, graduate in engineering proved the manure of pig and waste indeed serve the purpose for generation of electricity. The catalytic reaction of biological organisms has been made use for the getting electrical energy thru chemical energy. A specific membrane separates the cathode, negatively charged electrode and anode, positively charged electrode immersed inside a microbial fuel. The fuel in the anode is oxidized by microbial organism generating protons and electrons. Through electric circuit electrons are transmitted to cathode and protons via membrane leading to the formation of water. Glucose and methanol obtained form the scraps of food are widely used bacteria-filled fuel cells, which may…

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