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The New Powerful Lithium Battery

 Did you know that over 72% of the people always confused about the differences between Lithium Battery and Lithium-ion battery? Majority of them thought that these two batteries are actually from the same types! First of all, the biggest and most obvious difference between Lithium battery and Lithium-ion battery is Lithium battery are normally disposable battery, while Lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery! Due to the disposable feature, most people think it’s not environmental friendly to use the Lithium battery. However, thanks to the research team from University of Waterloo, they have demonstrated the robust electrochemical performance for a lithium-sulphur battery. Linda Nazar, the team leader of the research team said that this new type of Lithium battery could store and deliver more than three times the power of conventional Lithium-ion batteries! Nazar described that sulphur is one of the cheapest chemical materials. By using the sulphur in the Lithium battery, it can lowering the production cost and prolongs the Lithium batteries life as well! Hence, sulphur is the best option to be used in new type of Lithium battery. “The only obstacle was always the cathode, the part of the battery that stores and releases electrons!” Said…

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