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The New Powerful Lithium Battery

 Did you know that over 72% of the people always confused about the differences between Lithium Battery and Lithium-ion battery? Majority of them thought that these two batteries are actually from the same types! First of all, the biggest and most obvious difference between Lithium battery and Lithium-ion battery is Lithium battery are normally disposable battery, while Lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery! Due to the disposable feature, most people think it’s not environmental friendly to use the Lithium battery. However, thanks to the research team from University of Waterloo, they have demonstrated the robust electrochemical performance for a lithium-sulphur battery. Linda Nazar, the team leader of the research team said that this new type of Lithium battery could store and deliver more than three times the power of conventional Lithium-ion batteries! Nazar described that sulphur is one of the cheapest chemical materials. By using the sulphur in the Lithium battery, it can lowering the production cost and prolongs the Lithium batteries life as well! Hence, sulphur is the best option to be used in new type of Lithium battery. “The only obstacle was always the cathode, the part of the battery that stores and releases electrons!” Said…

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Will Virus-built Battery Kick-off Li-Ion Battery and Bring It to The End?

After many years of the research, the MIT researchers have finally built a new battery type, which is known as “Virus-built battery”. Virus-built battery is a new form of battery that based on the virus-produced. It has the same energy capacity and power performance as the rechargeable batteries. According to the MIT researchers, they claim that you can use the Virus-built battery to power plug-in hybrid cars and most of the electronic devices too! Angela Belcher, the MIT materials scientist, who is also the leader of the MIT research team pointed out that the Virus-built battery could be manufactured much faster and cheaper than Lithium-ion battery. The synthesis of Virus-built battery can take place at or below room temperature and doesn’t need any harmful organic solvents. As a result, all the materials that being used in the Virus-built battery is safe and non-toxic to human being! Those viruses that contain inside the Virus-built battery are mostly the common bacteriophage. It might have some infection on other bacteria, but it’s totally harmless to users. The research group has a strong believe that the Virus-built battery could be the next new trend of the rechargeable battery. With the invention of the Virus-built…

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