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Beware of the Batteries That You Use!

Have you ever noticed that the batteries are becoming smaller and smaller day after day? Many scientists and researchers have been finding the effective way to shrink the batteries into the smallest size as possible! In this case, Jae Kwon, an assistant professor of Electrical and computer engineering has recently developed a nuclear energy source, which is smaller, lighter and more efficient than the common batteries. Kwon’s described that the new discovered radioisotope battery can provide power density as much as six orders of magnitude higher than chemical batteries. Kwon and his research team members have been cooperated and working on building a small nuclear battery. According to the information, the radioisotope batteries are having the size and thickness of a penny, but it’s powerful enough to power various micro or nanoelectromechanical systems. Even though the nuclear power sources have always been a safety concern, they’ve claimed to be safe, as the nuclear power sources have been used for powering many types of devices, including the pace-makers, space satellites and underwater systems. Kwon’s battery is in a liquid semiconductor rather than a solid semiconductor, as he believed that the liquid semiconductor can overcome the problem, where the lattice structure of…

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