The High Tech Laser Sugar Sculpture

It is very fun to do something different in our daily life, as it makes our boring life becoming even more interesting, isn’t it? In this case, you might discover that this laser sugar sculpture is an incredibly awesome project! Well, it isn’t too hard to build this laser sugar sculpture, as long as you have the urge to make it! Basically, this project is a 3D rapid prototype, which is able to melt sugar with a laser. It’s very easy to use, as by simply firing up the laser on standard granulated sugar at 60% power (of a 40w co2 laser) and 5cm a second speed, it sculpts a word in the middle of the granulated sugar, just been shown in the below figure. Although the sugar might be sagged a little bit, but the word is very clear. Each of the sugar text is about 3mm thick front to back. Honestly, with the help of this amazing laser sugar sculpture, you can use it to sculpt the sugar treats for the house party, or you might be able to produce the sugar candies, pack it all and selling them to the nearby neighborhood! [4volt]

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