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5 Coolest Attachments for the iPhone 7

According to leading mobile and technology news source BGR, the iPhone has become a more successful and popular device than analysts initially predicted. Demand for the device is still high, and so are the accessories and attachments that work with it. From checking your heart’s EKG to printing photos on the go, here are five of the coolest attachments for the iPhone 7. Kardia Band Check your EKG right from your Apple Watch that integrates with your iPhone 7. The medical-grade EKG features a sensor to monitor your heart during exercise or on the go. While this feature can be useful for fitness enthusiasts, it can also help save your life. Kardia Band allows users to record information about their heart and can instantly detect the presence of AF, which is a common cardiac arrhythmia that can lead to a stroke. It can be difficult to remember exactly what’s going on as you’re recording your EKG activity, but Kardia also features voice record ability to record memos about how you were actually feeling and what you were doing. The combined information can be given to your doctor to help determine any issues and a recommended course of action.

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Bulletproofing Your Device with iPhone 6 Cases

Anyone who has owned an iPhone will tell you that they’re fragile devices. If you drop them, they will either be damaged or break, depending on the height from which they fall and the surface on which they land. To prevent this problem from happening, one must invest in iPhone 6 cases to help bulletproof your iPhone. iPhone 6 cases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, widths, and thicknesses. You just have to know how much protection you want for your device.

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