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GEN H-4 – World Smallest Helicopter Turned da Vinci Inspiration Become Reality

Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance age symbolize idol is the first person that draw and sketch out vertical flight machine dated in 1493? Thanks to the drawing of da Vinci, a Japanese flying machine developer, Gennai Yanagisawa had invented a 75-kilogram helicopter. “We named this helicopter ‘GEN H-4′, which it’s has a set of two rotors that spinning in opposite direction. The maximum speed for GEN H-4 can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour,” Yanagisawa said. “The invention process for this GEN H-4 is not an easy task, as it was taking us years of research and budget to invent this great product,” its developer said. Yanagisawa want to dedicate this honor to da Vinci, the magnificent and legend of Renaissance age. His said a GEN H-4 Flying demonstration show will be held in the birthplace of da Vinci in the near future. This GEN H-4 has sold seven units so far in Japan and US, and the current price is six million yen or 58,250 dollars.

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