Ganzbot – The Superb Arduino Robot That Reads Twitter

For those who spending over hours on the Twitter, you might be want to find a device, which is not only can help you to read your latest Twitter status, but it brings you a lot a fun when you’re Twittering. Honestly, it might be seemed a little bit ridiculous for some of the Twitter’s users, but the Ganzbot is truly a superb arduino robot that read new Twitter messages instantly. Ok, Ganzbot’s appearance is a little bit weird for some people, but it’s truly something new that worth to try with. Go figure, you can simply put on your picture on the Ganzbot. Once there are some new Twitter messages being updated, the Ganzbot is automatically inform the user, by simply blinking its LEDs eyes and smiling through the LEDs mouth! Beside that, the Ganzbot will verbally read the latest Twitter status to you, where it uses an Arduino Decima to control the head actions and receives the latest Twitter status information over USB from a host computer. Well, whether it’s a fun or a nightmare, it’s totally up to you here, my friend!

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