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The New Discovery on Microscopic Images

It’s very tough for us to see those very tiny images, especially the microscopic images with our bare eyes. After all, it’s totally impossible to do it, unless we can interpreting the images generated in a new way! A doctoral student at the research center of Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf had suggested that it’s possible to interpret and generate the microscopic images by Kelvin probe force microscopy. She mentioned that the atomic force microscopy is well-known, even though in the public as a versatile tool for the production of images on the nanoscale level. The Kelvin probe force microscopy is a special type of technique, which is named after Lord Kelvin, the British renowned mathematical physicist and engineer. Christine Baumgart, the doctoral student of the nanospintronics group at the FZD has described that the atomic force microscopes come along with a resolution even beyond the nanoscale level. The microscopes generate an image of the surface topography by only simply moving a tiny tip fixed on a small beam over the sample under investigation. The tip interacts with the atoms sitting on the surface of the sample is allowing the atoms to exert a force on the tip. As a result, the force…

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