Give This Special Edge-Lit Holiday Cards to Your Loved Ones!

The Christmas is approaching by and have you prepared for it yet? For those that prefer to send the traditional X’mas greeting cards, instead of the online E-cards, you should spare a few hours for this sensational Edge-Lit Holiday Cards. If your friend always teasing you because of sending the old-fashioned analog X’mas Cards, this is the right time for you to blow them away with this DIY Edge-lit holiday cards. Although creating a glowing holiday card may not be the most economical for a mailing list of hundreds of people, but it’s one of a kind creation that remarkably cool and cheap DIY holiday creation. By simple taking an advantage of the properties of etched glass, you’ll be able to design greeting cards with glowing emblems on them! Well, you might need some sort of things to help you off in this project, such as LEDs, scraps of acrylic (etched glass), cardstock, black electrical tape, coin cell batteries and so on… Lastly, if you think that the LEDs and holiday cards are the perfect match made in heaven, and then what are you waiting for? Let kick-start the project right away!

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