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The Creative VUW Students Develop Innovative 3D Printers

Are you already bored with your plain and ordinary printer, and would like to have some changes on it? Well, then you must hang out and discover how the creative VUW students managed to develop the innovative 3D printers, which it’s bring more excitement and spice up your life. The genius senior Victoria University of Wellington Design students have successfully created the 3D printers in just three weeks! The main goal for this design is to develop a “green” 3D printer in less than 4 weeks with only limited budget. A group of creative students practicing the “3R” concept and had applied it into the new 3D printers design. Below here are some of the unique and eco-friendly 3D printer’s prototypes: Stack The students have cleverly used the waste paper from generated by a bank and a ‘steampunk’ sewing machine. They used the smart concept to create layered forms, which based on an interpretation of the banks statistical data. This design is simply the finest combination of the past and present (Brilliant idea!).

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Eco-Friendly and CO2 Free – CallABike Concept

Are you a eco-green lover/supporter? If you are, then this “CallABike” concept will be a good choice to show your concern to the environment. A Germany eco-concept company, Die Bahn offers a service named “CallABike” system. This is the rental process for “CallABike”: A customer calls the company via touch-tone and he/she will be provided four-digit number to open the bike. The customer will get another verification call after the lock had opened.

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