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The New Battery Revolution is arriving!

Did you know that Alessandro Volta was the man that invented the first battery in 1800? Honestly, if you have the chance to see the first battery, you won’t want it at all, as its size is as huge as a long couch! After years and years of modification, the batteries have rapidly changed, from the bulky and heavy to the powerful and slight forms. Open up your eyes widely, as you’re about to witness the world’s thinnest printable batteries! Yep, the batteries claimed to have a size thinner than a millimeter and lighter than a gram. The more incredible thing is it can be produced through a simple printing process. In the future, you won’t have to rush to the bank for updating your bank statement or doing the money transfer stuffs! With a touch of the EC card and a small integrated display, it shows the TAN number in front your eyes! After it, you just have to type in the TAN number and you’re done with the bank stuffs. Isn’t it as simple as ABC? Professor Dr. Reinhard Baumann and his team members from the Fraunhofer Research Intuition developed these magnificent printable batteries. They main objective is…

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