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Detailed guide on how to design DC to DC power supply

Whenever you deal with electronics projects, one of the headaches is designing a power supply. Depending on your needs you may need to step up the voltage. Let’s say from 5V to 15V, step down or even to convert it to the negative voltage. David L. Jones from the eevblog has prepared great video post where he takes us through all steps needed to design step-up DC to DC converter. He chooses well known and widely available converter chip MC34063 which can be used almost for any type DC to DC converter including step-down, step-up and inverting supply. All required formulas you will find on datasheet – all you need is to select output current and output voltage.  All needed component values can be easily calculated by using readymade formulas or online calculator. Additionally, David made a real design test with load efficiency charts. After this, you will find that designing switching power supplies isn’t so hard. [EEVblog#110]

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