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Wireless Accelerometer Based Mouse is At Your Service!

You’re getting enough with the wire-controlled mouse and ready to have something different here? If you didn’t have the desire to buy the ready-to-use wireless mouse, then it’s time to show up your talent: Go and build an amazing wireless accelerometer based mouse! You’re wondering, “What’s the specialty of this wireless accelerometer based mouse and why I should build it?” Well, you might be haven’t notice that this project is using CYWM6935 wireless integrated module with antennas. It can act as “Transceiver” at the same time. The CYWM6935 wireless USB LR Radio Module is very awesome, as it offers a complete radio module solution. Some of the reasons why you should use the CYWM6935 transceiver are: It’s a single-chip 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) base band modem radio. It means it can be used to connect directly to a microcontroller via a simple serial peripheral interface (SPI). It has the ability to support up to 78 channels of 1MHz. It can be used for Point-to-Point and multipoint communication. It has the normal/double data rate with 32 chips or 2 bit. By the way, the SPI allows high-speed synchronous data transfer between the microcontroller and peripheral devices. Once theā€¦

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