The Amazing Pen Plotter

Some people love to involve themselves in art. If you’re one of them, then this Motori plotter might be the excellent choice for you! By the way, for those who didn’t know what plotter is, it actually a vector graphics printing device that being used to print graphical plots and connect to a computer. Basically, there are two main types of main plotters, which as: The pen plotters, and Electrostatic plotters. Technically, pen plotters print by moving a pen across the surface of a piece of paper. All the plotters are restricted to line art, rather than raster graphics. Normally, pen plotters can draw complex line art, but it’s very slow due to the mechanical movement of the pens. Believe it or not, a pen holder is able to hold a knife and turns into a cutting plotter to cut out signs and labels. Plus, it could also become a laser plotter and engrave pictures or patterns on things without any hassle. The Motori Plotter uses motors salvaged from unused equipment and those are bipolar steppers with very large step angles. Hopefully, you’ll try this Motori Plotter and do some magnificent artworks with it.

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