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The Insect-shaped Pole-climbing Robot

One day, you’re walking or driving down the street. Everything seems to be so boring and ordinary like any other days… Suddenly, your vision were being attracted and stumbled on a telephone pole! Holy crap, you cannot believe of what you’re seeing here, as there’s a big insect-shaped robot climbing on the telephone pole! You’re starting to freak off and get panic attacked, as you thought it’s some kind of robots invasion, just like the Terminator Salvation did! Ok, guys! Wake up and it’s time to back to the reality world. You’re thinking too much, as the robot you’ve seen climbing on the telephone pole is RiSE Version 3 prototype. For your information, the RiSE Version 3 climbing robot is one of the finest creations of Boston Dynamics and the University of Pennsylvania. The main purpose of the RiSE project is to build a bioinspired climbing robot, which is having the unique ability to walk on land or climb on vertical surfaces. Maybe the outer appearance is unattractive, but this RiSE Version 3 climbing robot can climb at almost the rate of one foot per second! Believe it or not that this RiSE Version 3 main function is to search…

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