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Will Virus-built Battery Kick-off Li-Ion Battery and Bring It to The End?

After many years of the research, the MIT researchers have finally built a new battery type, which is known as “Virus-built battery”. Virus-built battery is a new form of battery that based on the virus-produced. It has the same energy capacity and power performance as the rechargeable batteries. According to the MIT researchers, they claim that you can use the Virus-built battery to power plug-in hybrid cars and most of the electronic devices too! Angela Belcher, the MIT materials scientist, who is also the leader of the MIT research team pointed out that the Virus-built battery could be manufactured much faster and cheaper than Lithium-ion battery. The synthesis of Virus-built battery can take place at or below room temperature and doesn’t need any harmful organic solvents. As a result, all the materials that being used in the Virus-built battery is safe and non-toxic to human being! Those viruses that contain inside the Virus-built battery are mostly the common bacteriophage. It might have some infection on other bacteria, but it’s totally harmless to users. The research group has a strong believe that the Virus-built battery could be the next new trend of the rechargeable battery. With the invention of the Virus-built…

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