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Speaker Switcher Controlled Via Web Interface

Peter has sent his newest arduino project that we might find really practical. Probably many of us find ourself in situation when wee need to switch between speakers and headphones while sitting by computer. This leads to messing around tons of wires behind table. So here is a better solution and probably more fun – Arduino based audio switch. He used several components and built simple prototype board that can be connected to Arduino with Ethernet Shield. By sending a single signal to relay audio signal input can be switched between two outputs. Sound really simple indeed. Interesting part is a software which is actually pretty easy to write as there are libraries like webduino that allows to write pretty complex tasks with a few code lines. Of course using Arduino and Ethernet Shield seems to be to expensive tools for such a simple task, but if you have spare lying around and gathering dust – why not. And don’t limit to audio only – relay can switch other things like lights, motors and other that comes to your imagination.

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