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ECG Can Be Your Life Savor at Home

ECG – also known as Electrocardiograms, is a recorder that measure and tracking the electrical impulses of heart activity over time. Why we need an ECG in our home? The reasons are simple as: It’s for your own safety – you can keep tracking and alert by your current heart activity at home, especially for those that diagnosed cardiovascular diseases. It’s a fun and interesting project. With right guides and support, building a home ECG is simple as ABC, and you should glad you’re found this site. Here is the making process for this ECG: Firstly, you need to mount the surface into any kind of tin can you want, this for reducing the interference. After it, Shield the audio cable for the electrode leads and make sure the braiding is earthed to the tin. Connect the three blue wires of the leads to the RCA plugs.

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