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Connection sockets and headers used in embedded projects

Probably everybody gets confused each time when considering what connectors to use in electronic projects. There are so many connector types and technologies that can be chosen. So what connectors is the best choice, or there is no single answer? Before answer these questions lets go through several points. First of all why do we need connectors? There is no problem to solder all components and wires together without ability to loosen or wear out. But in fact there are much more advantages of using connectors comparing to reliability of connection. Connectors make it easier to assemble electronics products; Allows easier to repair devices with ability quickly to replace faulty parts; Easier to upgrade old components or blocks with newer ones; Ads flexibility to design. Probably most common connector used by embedded electronics hobbyists are 0.100″ spaced pins as its step is same as of widely used DIP chips and prototyping breadboards.

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