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Stylish wind-powered wifi AP repeater

The fuel matter has turned into a global alert, where all of the countries around the world need to face the insane fuel price each day, either they like it or not.

Many energy reproductive scientists try to find and exploits any kind of alternative energy that will be the best replacement for the fossil fuel. Unfortunately, they still on their searching paths.

The wind energy always been nominated as one of the free, clean and reproductive energy. However, one of the disadvantage of this wind energy is the wind generator/wind turbine should be placed in open places, and the place that can continuously blow by high-speed wind throughout the year.

A bunch of RIT students have earned the permission and set up a wind-powered Wifi AP repeater, which this will consistently spin out with the intermittent wind, regardless the wind speed.

If you think this invention is cool, then you can re-use the 3R materials to invent an eco-friendly yet CO2 free wind generator for yourself. [more]

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  1. Thats creative people. Anyone try to make a solar-powered wifi repeater ?

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