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Spider Fire CREE LED Torch – The Powerful LED Flashlight That You Have Ever Seen!

Torchlight is a very ordinary tool, where is normally being used to shed some light in the dark. Ok, how about modifying the torchlight a little bit and turning it into the ultimately bright “Spider Fire CREE LED torch”?

This Spider Fire CREE LED torch is use CREE LEDs, which they are so intense and it can even ignite paper within seconds! The only downfall for this project is it runs on two CR123A batteries. For your information, the CR123A batteries are expensive and it’s totally wasting money if you continue to power the torchlight with these batteries!


For overcoming the disadvantages, some small modifications have to be performed, which as:

  1. You might have to run the project on only one Lilon CR123A battery. It can be done by simply building and installing a boost-converter circuit.
  2. Beside that, you have to modify it and make it rechargeable via a normal 5 volt external supply. In this case, a Lilon charger circuit is needed.
  3. Lastly, you also have to install a bicolor LED, where is to indicate us when charging has already completed.

By the way, remember not to shed the torchlight on the easy flammable materials, as it can really start up the fire!

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