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Spectacular One Man Show of “Rocket Man”

Who is this “Rocket Man” and what kind of ability his has to crown with this name titled?

Well, for your information, “Rocket Man” is a 48 years old Swiss homegrown citizen named Yves Rossi. His currently a chef pilot that mostly flies commercial planes for Swiss Airlines Company.

Rossi was a former fighter pilot and an extreme sports enthusiast, have been devoted himself in this “Jet-Powered Gliding” sport since five years ago.

“After this extraordinary amazing performance in front of the world with over of million of audiences, the hard training, and my many years of dreaming has finally paid off today,” Rossi said.

“It’s been an unforgettable moment, when I’m first strapped on a Jet-Powered wing and leaped from the Swiss-built Pilatus Porter aircraft at 7,500 feet. Thanks goodness I did not forgot to unfold the rigid eight-foot wings strapped to my back before I’m jumping,” said Rossi in a humor way.

Although the landing spot a little missed few yard away, but Rossi still managed landing successfully at airfield near the eastern shore of Lake Geneva.

“As soon as I’m jumped off from the plane, I’m let myself situated in a free fall position, and only start to put the trigger after 2 seconds. Once the four jet turbines have been activated, it is starting to accelerate in a maximum speed up to 186 miles per hour, and it is 65 miles per hour faster than the normal Jet-powered Skydiver is. I didn’t even know the maximum speed till I’ve been told by a speed recorder that flew beside me, after only I’m landing safely in the airfield.” Rossi said again.

The crowd that on the mountaintop all cheered and amazed by this breathtaking scene.

One of the spectator, Paule Rossi aka Rossi’s mother, when interview by journalist told she has no fear and very proud of what Rossi did.

“Why should I afraid of? My son knows pretty well what he’s doing.” Paule Rossi said.

When Rossi at the sky, he has been doing many actions that never been tried before. Some actions like turning in a figure eight position, he tried to rise 2,600 feet with steadily steering his body, diving, turning, and soaring again high above the Alps before the skydiver descending again.

The most spectacular moment would be the 360-degree rolling that performed by Rossi.

“I’m admitted that I did it on purpose…to impress the girls!” Said Rossi with a big smile.

Now, Rossi aim for the next bigger challenge in his mind: try to perform a crossing over the English Channel. According to his plan, this stunt will be shown on live television, this also means a failure is not allows to occur at all.

Crossing the English Channel is not an easy task, but Rossi said, “I still haven’t used the full potential of this German-built model aircraft engines, but I’m can 100 percent sure and confident that this machine will help me across the 22 miles English Channel.”

“You asked me is it hard to maneuver this big buddy? Well, it’s all depends on how you control it, as you know when we at the free fall, even a slightly movement can cause a fatal tragedy! That’s why I’m always standby a yellow handle to jettison the wing and unfold the emergency parachute once I’m situated in a danger.” Rossi Said with a serious tone.

The turbines will produce a high temperature of heat. For overcome this matter, Rossi wears a heat-resistant suit that similar with the firefighters, so this can effectively protect himself from getting burn by it. Furthermore, high altitude and winds current also become a superb cooling effect as well.

The building cost is one of the biggest manners to get this Jet-powered skydriver into the commercial market. As Rossi and his sponsor, Swiss watch company Hublot have thrown more than $USD 285,000 into it, and it is still didn’t count the endless research and developing hours.

“I’m confident enough, this Jet-powered Skydriver will be widely available to all of the sky extreme sports lovers someday in the future.” Rossi said.

“I think there will be another soar high above the Alps, because in this previous performance, I’m too concentrated to the flight and didn’t even enjoy the view at all!” Rossi said and sighing in a funny way. [Discovery News]

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