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Space Explorer Smart Taurus 2

Even wonder to turn your home into outer space colonization?

Make your dream come alive and make yourself a Space Explorer, Taurus 2.

Before that, you need to prepare some components:

  • Four wheels
  • Eight servos
  • Three proximity IRs
  • A CMU cam

For the beginning, you have to draw the shape at the Auto CAD (mostly known as blueprint) and make your own modification.

After that, you can scrap, print out and cutout the blueprint.

Next, uses the cutout to create the plastic modal for Taurus 2.

Great, now you need to assemble the pieces into a prototype like below.

Then, put on the wheels and screw it up. Don’t forget about the eight servos, as without them, this Taurus 2 will not able to move.

Lastly, place three of the proximity IRs and the CMU cam.

Voila…now you have make yourself this cool and edgy Taurus 2. Go and start your ‘space exploration’ around your home right way!

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