Small note on how to start LCD in 4 bit mode

When LCD is working in 4 bit mode, then data has to be sent by nibbles – portions of 4 bits. Just remember that first goes high nibble then follows lower one. Each nibble has to be strobed with control signal E separately. Following list is describing how to start LCD in 4 bit mode:

  1. Wait for 15 ms after power is switched on;
  2. Write 00000011 (0x03) to LCD;
  3. Wait for 5 ms;
  4. Write 00000011 (0x03) to LCD;
  5. Wait for 160 us;
  6. Write 00000011 (0x03) to LCD;
  7. Wait for 160 us;
  8. Write 00000010 to enable 4 bit mode (after this command start sending in nibbles);
  9. Set interface length;
  10. Turn off display (0x00 and 0x08 nibbles);
  11. Write 00000001 (0x00 and 0x01 in nibbles) to clear display;
  12. Set cursor move direction by setting cursor bits;
  13. Enable display;

After initialization is complete you may write any character or command to it.

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