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Slugbee – The Finest Combination of Zigbee Radio with a Slug!

Have you ever wondered what it’s going to be, if you combined the Zigbee Radio with a Slug? If you have no idea what is the outcome, then you should develop this SlugBee and feel it for yourself!

For your information, Zigbee, where it’s also known as IEEE 802.15.4 is another type of short-range radio standard that uses the 2.4 GHz microwave oven band, wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth service.


If you’re comparing Zigbee with others, it’s the most suitable component for low-power application that involving simple microcontrollers, such as the wireless sensing, home and industrial automation. Normally, the basic parameters of Zigbee are a data rate of up to 250 kbits/s and a typical range of 50m.

A small Linux box like the NSLU2 aka Slug could be useful in a Zigbee deployment. For your information, an always-on Slug can be responsible for logging data sent by remote sensors and generating graphs on web pages or sending email alerts.

The DLP design playing an important in this project, where it have a couple of modules. They both have an RF chip and a microcontroller. Beside that, it also has the advantages of the built-in USB at the host end and processor less operation at the remote end as well!

After you’ve connected the Zigbee radio with a slug, then it’s time to test out the SlugBee…

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