Scienceprog welcomes You to 2014

So we made it to 2014. Hope you accomplished your last year goals and are ready to start new. We feel that we should drop a note about past year and probably set some goals for new period.

The fall was pretty slow on writing because of intense side workload It seems that everyone in our family(parents, brother and us) wanted to remodel/refresh their homes. We did a great job and finished everything just before Christmas.


Hopefully now there will be more time to catch up with Anyway it is still interesting to take a look how good 2013 were for our website. Lets look what was the most popular content in the last year:











As you can see AVR DDS v2.0 project had the most interest. Last year we have started and failed AVR DDS 3.0 project. It turned out too messed and complex. It is time to talk about v3.1 which will be closer to v2.0 with better analog part and firmware.

Other posts seems to be serving as tutorials and reference source for many common problems. Naturally home page is in the list as many visitors start browsing here.

Last year we have breached 1000 post limit with up to 2000 comments.

This year we plan several great projects and bunch of tutorial. Also we are slowly crunching Raspberry Pi, so expect more logs on it.

Don’t forget that we have a forum for less formal discussions. We are always welcome new ideas, suggestions. Sometimes a thought on next tutorial or project could ignite next write.

Without much talk, we would like to wish you productive and interesting 2014 year!

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