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Robotic Suit – The Ultimate Outfit for Super-Soldier

Rex Jameson, a 5-foot-11 with 180 pounds software engineer seems just like others “Average Joe”. When he owns his free time, those extreme sports such as bike hiking, swimming, playing tennis and skies will be his favorite time killer events.

Do not be fooled by his appearance, as Jameson was one of the honor software engineers, which has a contract with the U.S. Army and currently working on a top-secret project.

You must be wondering, what kind is this so said “Top secret project” thing? Well, Jameson is fully responsible to research, create, and produce a “Robotic Suit” that will be widely used by the U.S. Army in the near future.

“Everyday, I need to put on this 150 pounds “exoskeleton” that mostly made up of aluminium and electronics, most of the peoples gets bored on the specimen, instead of gets tired like me,” Jameson said.

It’s hard to believe but true that Jameson have to wear this “Robotic suit” and gripped on a weight set’s bar, then need to knocked off continuously, sometimes even up to 500 times non stop knocked off!

“The main objective for this specimen is to sense and record every single movement of the wearer made, which it’s a constant work and cannot stop whenever you want.” Jameson said.

This outfit called as “Sarcos” suit and it is estimating to cost up to $10 million for the first stage development budget. The U.S. Army felt confident about this Sarcos suit and they believes that someday in the future, soldiers may wear it and fight in the battlement.

Since this project still in an early stage, so it will be focusing more on the applications example like repairing heavy equipment, loading cargo etc. If the progression for this Sarcos suit is fine, the first initial test will be scheduled to carry out next year.

However, before the technology can be fully executing, the developers have to overcome two major problems, the cost barrier and prolong the battery life. The battery life issue annoyed Jameson, as the current suit battery life can only lasts for 30 minutes, which is completely not enough!

“Everyone love to become a superhero to fulfill their child’s dream, like the recently debuted film, “Iron Man” and with the nowadays technology, everything seem possible,” Stephen Jacobsen, chief designer of the Sarcos suit said.

“The future robotic suit will ease the work such as uploading the heavy ammunition boxes from helicopters, lugging off hundred of pounds of gear over rough or slope terrains or it’s become a repairer by enhancing up the broken tanks in the middle of war.” Jack Obusek, a former colonel now with the Army’s Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center said.

Beside that, once the Sarcos suit fully launched, this will not only become a great “working tools” suit for military, but also can be a multi purpose helper in the commercial field. Even the disabled peoples can also benefit from this technology as well.

Seems the power supply issue stills the biggest obstacle to solve, if they want this Sarcos suit to standing last longer in the field. But, the developers try to get rid of this problem by reducing the design that uses less energy, or the users can easily recharge it with any kind of power resource, such as water, solar power or gasoline (Although it will be a little messy to go to petrol station to fill in the gasoline…lOl)

“I hope that this awesome Sarcos suit will be accomplishing as soon as possible and once it does, this will be the most useful technology stuff in the near future,” Jameson said. [Discovery news]

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