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Reused the Old CDs and Turn it into a DIY iPhone Dock!

In our daily life, we’re always used the CDs/DVDs to burn some MP3 songs or movies. Don’t try to deny it, as I knew you’re going to say, “Really, as I didn’t burn any MP3 songs or movies in my whole life!” Well, in this case, congratulation and you can keep on that way.

For those who normally have extra CDs/DVDs, but not in used anymore, you might want to do a little bit modification and turns it into a cool yet stylish “iPhone Dock”.

Recycled CD iPhone dock

Honestly, it isn’t a big deal to build this DIY iPhone Dock, as what you need to do is preparing the following stuffs, such as:

  • A powerful dremel (It’s ok, no matter it’s powered by batteries or live current),

  • A UHU glue,

  • A USB cable, and

  • 11 – 12 used CDs/DVDs.

Firstly, you must stick those CDs/DVDs together by using UHU glue; remember to shave out some space for the iPhone USB cable!

Secondly, you have to stack a few extra CDs/DVDs on top, which is carving out more space for the iPhone to rest in.

Lastly, align all the cuts out, and then insert the charging connector into the stack of disks gently. Make sure there’s no movement on the charging connector from the top, or your iPhone won’t start charging, even though you’ve docked the iPhone on it! [geeky-gadgets]

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