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Piconomic Design-easy start with 8 bit AVR microcontrollers

Piconomic Design company has decided to release condensed course of 8 bit AVR microcontrollers by example. This is good start to people who want to start or switch from different MCU platform.

They have introduced simple development board which can be built abd used freely for personal use. You can purchase the bord if you are from A South Africa.


In Piconomic Design web page you will find a development board files in different formats:

  • Schematic

  • Bill Of Materials

  • Protel 99 SE project

  • PCB Manufacturing data pack (Gerber and NC Drill files)

Board features are:

  • ATmega128L microcontroller with 7.3728 MHz crystal and 32.768 kHz RTC ;

  • 250 kbps RS-232 Transceiver with hardware flow control (RTS/CTS);

  • 1/8 UL, slew rate limited, 250 kbps RS-485 Transceiver;

  • 4 Mbit serial DataFlash with SPI interface;

  • 100 mil pitch Headers: JTAG, ISP, GPIO, SPI, ADC, I2C, XMEM;

  • User Interface: power and user LED, reset and user button, buzzer;

  • +6V to +9V DC power socket with reverse-voltage protection diode.

In web page you will also find:

  • A bootloader for the ATmega128 that accepts abinary firmware file using the XMODEM-CRC transfer protocol.

  • A set of tutorials of fundamentals AVR in C.

  • A firmware framework that exercises some of the peripherals of the development board and can be re-used for rapid application development.

In page directly you will find the very basics of how to start working with WINAVR and some C statements. This is a good source to learn.


  1. This is a great deal, i’ve bought the ‘128 board as it has all the usual breadboard pins and a built in power supply and serial port access.
    Perfect to use a development base.

  2. Did you purchase from South Africa Office?
    I wish I could get one …
    Probably I will try to build One đŸ˜‰

  3. I purchased from ZA office as I am in ZA.

    I have run the board with one of my 250Kbit protocols on rs485. Board works well and has no problems. I did change the crystal to 8MHZ to facilitate the 250kbit baud rate.

    At the price offered, you will find that you cant beat the time/effort factor. Its a solid product and performs flawlessly. One thing i really like is the oversized regulator. perfect for additional hardware and doesn’t “duck” like the other boards with their little to-92 regulators.
    The 4mbit flash is nice and quick as i have serial routines that save incoming data onto the flash, at 38400 baud, the board keeps up and has no problem saving data.

  4. hello
    links did

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