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Philips introduces advanced Hi-Speed USB microcontrollers

Royal Philips Electronics introduced the LPC2800 series – the industry’s most advanced ARM-based Hi-Speed USB microcontrollers on the market. The Philips LPC2800 is the first ARM7 MCU to deliver USB 2.0 device capabilities with maximum standard compliance and an on-chip Hi-Speed 480 Mbits/sec transceiver, and the first to enable single battery cell operation. These unique features allow embedded system design engineers to incorporate new capabilities into products such as PC peripherals, SD memory cards, smart card readers, and other USB battery-powered devices – all at a competitive price point.

More at www.semiconductors.philips.com


  1. i like this website,it’s very nice

  2. Actually LPC18x series also come with USB 480. LPC1830, LPC1850 – Arm cores. Philips goes there under the name NXP semiconductor.
    Unfortunately there`s no cheap PIC18 equivalent (max 48 pin count), but with Usb480 & dual PLL & SPI.

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