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Social Media sites are the in a thing of late. Whether or not we share the important events of our life with our friends in the real world, we tend to communicate more with the virtual world. And to be frank enough, most of the social media networks exploit it to their benefit. How? By gaining revenues because of you.  There is a network that absolutely does care for you and rewards you. We will get to know more about  today.

What is Peerity?

Peerityis a social network that intends to bring together users and communities. You can share your ideas and content with each other. You can also organize events in association with each other.

The philosophy that Peerity works on is entirely different from the one employed the popular social media sites globally. Despite earning millions and millions from you and your interactions, the social media sites do not give you anything in return.

How does it work?

Peerity works as a platform for building communities. In fact, communities are what power Peerity. In essence, it can safely be stated that Peerity as a network and the communities go hand in hand to support each other grow together.

Peerity believes that everyone of us needs to be connected with each other. It rewards the social interaction. By rewarding the individuals and communities for interacting with each other, it motivates them to work together to create content, share it and contribute towards the success of each other.

Working on Peerity lets you earn Peerity tokens. These tokens will be distributed among different communities and members. You can use these tokens for purchasing the different features on the site or buying products from other users.  What’s more – the service also enables you to become a patron of the causes that you believe in or strive for.

What sets it apart from the other social networks?

Well, you might have understood it by now. Peerity rewards you for being active on the site. This is in sharp contrast to what other social media sites tend to do.

Most of the networks like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter resort to data mining. They do it so that they will earn more from advertising. Peerity is a blockchain start-up that has planned to change all that in favor of the benefit to the members.

In sharp contrast to other social media sites, Peerity rewards its users. The more they work on the site, the more will they earn the rewards.The users are rewarded with a Crypto Currency, and it uses its own crypto currency for the purpose. “Think of it as meets Patreon meets Reddit meets Bitcoin”if you want to borrow the words of Jan Schets, who is the co-founder of Peerity.

Unlike the common tendency in other social media sites, Peerity takes pride in being a  unique social media service that rewards a positive social behavior. It rewards the users who tend to create content, come up with events, or perform any other such tasks that help the community to grow in a positive way. In fact, the service pays more attention to communities rather than individuals.

Why should you opt for Peerity?

Regular social media services tend to sell your private data to the highest bidders. The online social media exploits its users. You do not get anything in return. Just keep on giving more. And let the sites earn more by exploiting you.

Peerity changes all that. They do not send any of your data. Not that the service does not store your data, but the fact remains that you have full control over what is stored on its servers and how it is used. Peerity believes that social media networks are fostering attention economy, and plans to eradicate it. You will get rewarded for the time and effort you put in growing the site. Isn’t that wonderful?

In Conclusion

Peerity is great social media network that seeks to change the world of social media for better. It is a social connection and activity platform. The high degree of privacy protection that it promises you is one of the features that should pull all social media fans to the site.

Whether you are an organization, or a community or even an individual – Peerity has benefits for all of you. Get yourself enrolled, and we promise you that you will not regret joining a progressive social network that is set to change the world for better.

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