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Paper Battery – The Alternative Power for Electronics

When is the last time you received the birthday presents from your loved ones, friends or relatives? In certain circumstances, you might find that it’s a waste to just tore the birthday gift’s wrapping paper away, as it wrote with the blessing words, such as Happy Birthday on it!

Furthermore, you’ll be even cherished the birthday gift, if it being wrapped by the built in battery paper, which is a new type of battery made out of paper. In this case, the paper is automatically light up with words, which is has been programmed into it.

Mr. Albert Mihranyan and the research team have been discovered that this potential application of a new battery made of cellulose is going to be the next green and environmentally friendly batteries!

Paper battery

During the experiment, the research team undiscovered the secret behind the performance of the paper battery. They described it as the presence of the homogeneous, uninterrupted, yet nano-thin coating, which is about 1/50,000th the thickness of a human hair! The PPy coating on cellulose fibers can be molded into paper sheets. It was special cellulose, which is extracted from a certain species of green algae with 100 times the surface area of cellulose found in plants.

The design of the paper battery is incredibly simple. Furthermore, the battery recharged a few time faster than conventional rechargeable batteries. No doubt, the paper battery is going to be the new trend in the near future…[sciencedaily]


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