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SkinSeg – segmentation of melanoma

SkinSeg is a simple tool used for skin lesion segmentation. This program was developed by Intelligent Systems laboratory students: L. Xu, M. Jackowski, A. Goshtasby, C. Yu, D. Roseman, S. Bines, A. Dhawan, A. Huntley. Their method is working similarly as in my earlier experiment with the MATLAB pigmented lesion boundary tracing algorithm. The first image is converted to intensity image, and then the lesion edges are detected.

detecting skin lesion edges

ant test results:

lesion edges

The more informative description you can find here

The program can be downloaded from here: https://www.cs.wright.edu/people/faculty/agoshtas/skinseg.zip 

This version of the Skin Cancer Segmentation program (skinseg) runs on the Windows 95/NT platforms. Make sure all files reside in the same directory after extraction. No setup program is required to install skinseg on your machine. To run, execute the program skinseg.exe.


  1. hi how are you? i just wanted to ask about my little brother. by the way, this website is really helpful thank you all so much. my little brother plays in the sun way too many times during the day, and often times he’d forget to wear sunscreen even when i ask him to. i noticed a mole on his cheek and one on his neck. i’m not sure how to use the program you’ve put on the website, but i’m really concerned, is there any way i can find out if this is cancerous or not? thank you so much

  2. Hi, I’m 17 and recently I’ve noticed this small scaly looking spot on my upper thigh. I am in the sun all the time and that’s why I am really concerned this could be cancerous. Is there any type of skin cancer that is pink and scaly looking? thank you

  3. Hi my name is Kristina, I went to the Philippines a year ago and I had several brown to black itchy scaly pigmentation in my axilla. The other pigmentation went away but there is one left and it is so itchy and scaly and I’m wondering if its a skin cancer because it looks like one of the picture above.

  4. Rebecca Thibodeaux

    I had two moles that grow together that maked a large mole.The moles were the color of my skin.(white)The mole has turned black and smaller in size.I also have smaller moles on other parts on my body.The moles that has turned black are under my right breast, my bra rubs the moles when I have to wear a bra.I don’t wear one unless I have to,Is this anything I need to worry about?

  5. I had about 10 of these litle black lesions show up on my skin randomly a few months ago they kinda look like the lesion in number 3 i was wondering if this could be skin cancer, im also african american and its least likley that i can develop skin cancer at such a young age (20)..but you never know

  6. hi my name is kira, when i was getting ready to bleach my hair my mom noticed a rather larg mole looking lump about as big as a pincel eraser in width on my scalp and she says shes never seen it there befor and the last time she bleaches my hair was a few months less then a year ago…it doesn’t itch but it kinda looks like photo 2 or 3..and my mom is freaking out about it making me really nervous too…

  7. Hi,
    I had a 2mm skintag removed (with scissors) by a derm, it healed normally but 3 weeks later I noticed a dark mole on the same spot, it seems to have happened overnight. I did not think much about it but now I am concerned because it is asymetrical and a litte red on the edges, should I go back to the derm?

  8. Hi had a mole or tiny lump on my neck for years and when i began picking at it to try to remove it 5 more grew out of nowhere that bleed and look like warts with the one original bulbous one where a large bump under my skin near it with these other leasions has begun now and i am terrified am 42 have a family and cannot handle this now i want to know if you heard anything like this ?

    Godspeed 42 worried and family does not deserve any more tragedy ?

  9. this picture of moles comes up in google images search – it is very misleading, because it’s not until you dig very deep that you know that some are atypical, benign and some are cancerous. I’ve been freaking out for a week waiting to get to the doctors

  10. I went on a mission trip last month, and I got a really bad burn, it blistered, and after awhile healed. I have scars from it, but a few days ago, I got another really bad burn, and it again blistered. Yesterday I noticed that the blisters were gone but there’s a large pink scaly spot on my shoulder where it was. Is it possible for skin cancer to appear that fast, and should I have it checked out?

  11. Hi my 10 year old just had a “mole” removed that seemed to sho up overnight. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about and needed removing for cosmetic reasons. Well it came back as some form of atypical melanoma that had to be sent to UVA for further pathology. I’m so freaking about this any comments, words of encouragement, anything? What should I do?

  12. for all cancer patient ALLAH should give them quick recovery

  13. I’ve noticed a few small scaly/flaky looking spots on my lower legs. About the size of pencil eraser.I am in the sun every summer and that’s why I am really concerned this could be cancerous. Is there any type of skin cancer that is pink and flaky looking?

  14. I have recently noticed about 10 or more small scaly different type of things on my legs they are pretty small but are odd looking, one is perfectly round, one is trianglar, others are different colors but the ones that concern me the most are the ones on my legs. They just appered a few months back, I used to sun bath and get burnt all the time when I was little and glory bath in High school days and then Fake Bake in my 20’s and 30’s I don’t see any pics that exactly resemble mine what should I do. I don’t have medical insurance and need some advice.

  15. Wow, I’m amazed at all of the comments here! There are at least 14 people that are so completely clueless that it actually hurt my brain!

    First of all, where did people learn to form sentences? All computers come with a spell check, why do people still have terrible grammar? Also, it looks like a bunch of 1st grade level comments, by children…

    That being said, why haven’t people realized that this website is to let you know about a piece of software, NOT FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR OWN SKIN PROBLEMS!! I feel really terrible for the 14 people above who actually think that they are commenting their problems in a forum which is for skin cancer. Is the person who wrote this software review a doctor? Are they qualified to give you a diagnosis for your lesion? Why don’t people actually look before asking personal medical questions? Who wrote this article? It’s pretty stupid to look for advice here and not consult a doctor!

    If you have a strange looking lesion on your body, GO TO A DAMN DOCTOR! It doesn’t matter if you can afford it or not, I promise it’ll be better than death! Don’t instead write a stupid, poorly written comment on a webpage that is devoted in showing you a new piece of software, programmed by a code hacker! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  16. My mom has a mole on her side and its dark with a layer of skin that is clear. What does that mean?

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